“Yoga for Writers” at Medium.

This set of poses works the fifth chakra, which is what you want to be strong not only if you’re a writer, but especially if you’re a writer. Don’t try these turns of phrase at home, folks. I am a professional.

“The Television Issue” at Electric Literature.

The Caption Writer is some type of linguistic intermediary between a machine and a hearing-impaired person or an English-language learner or a noisy room.

“Confessions of a Porn Addict” at The London Times.

What I learnt about sex and porn was that interaction with a spouse was best kept curt and cold, and when the cat was away the mouse would play behind closed doors.

“The Mask of Deception” at LongReads.com

She had no idea I was a recovering porn addict. I had no idea she was into taking semi-nude photos of herself and posting them online.

“A Descriptive Morningat The Writer’s Block.

Now that both their wives were passed, the two men were basically family.

“The Revelation of Clear Writing” at The Writer’s Block.

As a writer, you are the conductor. Your reader is the passenger. You must be accommodating.

Against Readings” in ThirtyTwo magazine.

The book read aloud is a housebound cat taken to the lawn.

Playing the Odds” at The Writer’s Block.

Writing doesn’t have odds so to speak, but it does have coherence, believability, the logic of story.

Benjamin Obler’s top 10 fictional coffee scenes” at The Guardian.

Coffee has a chameleon-like nature: though it’s the consummate non-prescription upper, it’s also a balm, a salve.

My Book, the Movie” at Campaign for the American Reader.

Melvin could not be played by someone devastatingly handsome or possessing any measure of natural bravado and swagger.