Good news! I’ve secured an agent for my latest novel, The Exploding Fete. We’re working on taking it to market now. For all you struggling writers out there, here’s what I posted just a few months ago:

It’s been a real struggle to get a second published–I won’t kid you. But I keep seeking agent representation, submitting manuscripts to presses, contests, and anywhere else that aligns with my style and aesthetic. I maintain hope of publishing again.

What I’ve found is that I still enjoy writing books, no matter the outcome. That feels like doing it for the right reason. So I’m playing the long game, trusting that the right publisher relationship will develop, and in time I’ll rap my knuckles on a hardback with one of my titles on the spine.

I’ve been door-knocking with book-length projects both fiction and non since 2013 or so. Persistence pays. My advice: keep developing your skill set, and if one a project stalls, keep moving forward. Write something fresh. When I did it for fun, everything changed.