The Exploding Fete is comic literary novel, 78,000 words.

Mrs. Candace Winslow is hosting the annual awards dinner of the Foundation for the Advancement of Inclusivity and Recognition (FAIR) at her opulent urban town home. Because of the risk of a hate-motivated attack, the location is secret, and all guest/candidates must surrender their mobiles. But little do the party-goers realize that the greatest threat to their safety is themselves.

On page 1, Petra Barnhouse arrives, the first guest/candidate. A Pennsylvania office admin employee turned environmental activist, Barnhouse lost her husband to well water poisoned by fracking. Among the guests who pour in after her are: a Korean political dissident; a lesbian theater director; an idealist millennial; a working class Colombian immigrant; a war veteran; a Houston hurricane victim; a widowed holistic medicine advocate; a Norwegian storyteller and a Syrian refugee. They are all nominees who stand to have their hardships recognized by the FAIR committee, and to walk out $25,000 richer.

The Exploding Fete is a compassionate exploration of our need for recognition of suffering. It’s also loaded with shenanigans and the latest development from the Silicon Valley literary space: Outcome Branch Narrative Technology™.