Love & Theft is my ode to New York City novel. When Paul Boustrophedon, a media rights agent, grows weary of the city grind and the money chase, he gets cold feet about tying the knot with his fiancee, Pamela, and pitching vast sums of his earnings into Brooklyn real estate. Reeling with indecision, he pairs up with an attractively reckless actress, Sylvia Virgule, becoming her Spiritual Advisor during the shoot of Love & Theft, a TV series about a pair of lover/bandits. Lunatic Brooklynite Nolan Pilcrow has other designs, however. He needs Paul’s expertise to prove that Dale Chimister, the TV director, stole his script and concept to make Love & Theft. Where Paul allies himself might determine whether he can get untangled from his responsibilities and launch a new life somewhere quiet, where he can get court time for less than fifty bucks an hour.