Night of the Skunk

At the office during the day, in a meeting in a giant conference room around a giant table with fifteen other people, I listened to a Texan woman talk about the Texas state Reading standards, and I listened to the publisher ask whether the push for text-evidence comprehension was universal across all genres and whether our approach to vocabulary instruction aligned with the Texas state standards and how reading skills differed from a reading strategy, taking for example the idea of sequence of events, which you would have in a narrative fiction piece but not a nonfiction persuasive piece or something else, unless it was laid out that way. Continue reading “Night of the Skunk”

Ode to the Men of Erectile Dysfunction Commercials

Hail to you, gray-haired gentleman on that summer porch. Let us put down our fishing magazines and nod sternly to your valor. You have met her eyes, there on the wicker davenport with a curtain of lush hemlock and hard ash behind you, and between your eyes and hers has trickled the elicit recognition that you will now make love. Continue reading “Ode to the Men of Erectile Dysfunction Commercials”

Persistent Caller

Once I was in my local hardware store on Grand Avenue in Saint Paul, a place that was staffed by teens at the register and mustachioed white men in their fifties who patrolled the aisles asking you the moment you stepped foot in the place whether they could help you find something. If you said Yes, a dishwasher rack or Yes, metal shelf brackets, they took off walking with their chins down. Continue reading “Persistent Caller”