Animals in the Yard

Homeownership promised to be an education: in repairs, in responsibility, in acclimatization to the guillotine of massive debt. An unexpected outcome, though, has been acquiring an appreciation for what inspired Beatrix Potter, E.B. White and other children’s authors to write stories of the common critters that live in yards and their purlieus—animals with names, personalities, families, conflicts, and crises. Continue reading “Animals in the Yard”

A Scene

“Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit producer of ‘Sesame Street’ and other kids’ programs, is cutting about one-fifth of its work force because of the economic downturn. The New York-based company said Wednesday that it’s eliminating 67 of 355 staff positions.”

—Associated Press, March 11

A Scene

>> Next.

>> Hi there! How are you today?

>> Fine, thanks. Mister—

>> Bird. Continue reading “A Scene”