2019 Fall Workshop

Here’s the scoop.

DAY & TIME Mondays, 7:00 to 9:00 PM

WHEN Nov 4 to Dec 9

DURATION 6 sessions

WHERE 35 North Front Street, Kingston NY

WHOFiction writers working in short stories and novels in all genres. Writers of all ages.

HOW MUCH $125 to $175 *

WHATWe’ll dig in fast, looking at descriptive techniques used by writers like Deborah Eisenberg in “Your Duck is My Duck” and Joan Silber in her novel Improvement. We’ll examine dialogue, and talk plots, character, and voice. This is a workshop, so each student will share 20 pages of a working draft, receiving feedback and critical support. Each student also gets a private 30-minute phone, in-person, or Skype chat outside of class to talk about their writing goals and how to meet them.

Sessions are friendly, conversational, and customized to student needs and wants. I serve snacks and refreshments too!

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