Levi is broke. He’s out of dough. He had to pay rent, buy dog food, and pay his brother back. It’s Friday night, he’s worked hard all week—well, kind of—and the blackjack table is calling. Driving home, he feels the tug on the steering wheel as he pulls to the shoulder of CR 88 south. If he ducked down through the river valley and past the mill and the track, he’d see those promising spotlights caressing the clouds’ underbellies. Should he make a U turn?

But Levis doesn’t have two dimes to rub together, as his dad used to say. He’s skint. At home, Magrite, his roommate, is in a good mood. She just got money wired to her account from France—from her university, which—crazy, right?—sends her dough for books, tuition, room and board. What a scam.

When Levi gets home, Magrite tells him that she took out $250 cash and is treating herself. She’s lonely and misses home—you know, dinners back in France or wheels of brie, whatever it might be. She and her friend Laure, who is from Tunisia, are going to this market and buying Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Camembert, and Belgian chocolate. Two-hundred and fifty bucks worth! Enough of their misery!

4. Magrite gets a phone call and is out of the room—it’s Laure.

5. Levi takes her cash out of her purse and leaves.

6. Levi. At the end he stops short of going inside the casino, though he reaches the parking lot, under those lights. Bothered by his conscience, he races home from the casino to apologize to Magrite for taking her money.