Dos Muchachos

The most exciting book to me is always the current book. Here’s an excerpt from a work in progress, titled Dos Muchachos, in which the tech guru Chadwick Tangore is introduced.

For a long time Tangore had been a silicon valley nobody, trolling the executive waters of venture capital firms. He took investor dollars and sank them in A.I., driverless cars, data mining, crypto currency, face recognition and whatever he heard talked about at trade conventions. He read the requisite glossies and kept up on trends. Continue reading “Dos Muchachos”

On Unreliable Narrators

Idea to explore: Narrative = manifestation of protagonist psyche, regardless of first, second, or third person.


Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of writing students attempt something narratively that it has never occurred to me to attempt: going to the page and making a calculated effort to take a set of events in a character’s life and depict them in a way that distorts their reality, in hopes of triggering a realization in the reader that the character is not on their rocker. Continue reading “On Unreliable Narrators”