“I don’t really feel a reason to exist unless I feel my life has a purpose, which is creating,” says novelist Ottessa Moshfegh, winner of the Hemingway Foundation/PEN Award, in the July 9 & 16, 2018 issue of The New Yorker.

“When I’ve finished a work, and some time passes, and I’m working up to something new, I feel that I am utterly wasting my life. I do trivial, ghastly, quotidian stuff; I hate myself; I complain about myself to my wife, and that hatred daily increases,” writes Robert Olen Butler, winner of a Pulitzer Prize, in his book From Where You Dream: The Process of Writing Fiction.

My current project is to not be a writer of this sort. More importantly, to transform the tenor of my daily experience away from feeling my personal validity is under threat based on the responses of others. Some wonderful reading was recommenced to me on performance-based esteem, and if you’re interested, ask me about it via Reach Out. Progress is being syndicated nowhere but felt everywhere close to BenObler.com HQ.

At the same time, I continue to do the writing things I love to do, with a more Zen-like detachment from outcome. A healthier balance. A podcast is in development with my good writing buddy Nico. Not because the world needs another podcast, but because it’s fun! The theme music intro is picked and mixed! Test segment is recorded, and when Nico gets back from South America, we’ll do more.

I’m awaiting feedback from an agent who is reading a novel MS. Oh, snap! That’s enough to immobilize many a writer, including myself. Hence this website update, and the new site logo–something I’ve avoided making for over a decade. For a long time, people have been pointing out to me that my name reads like the imperative sentence “Be nobler.” Indeed it does, so I’m playing up that suggestion. I made it Adobe Spark. So easy, even this bookworm can be a graphic designer for a day.

I’m also dreaming of video versions of my best fiction workshop lessons, at youtube, monetized, branded, etc. That’s a back-burner item though.